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[Television commercials: Toothpaste, hair care, deodorant]

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[Television commercials: Toothpaste, hair care, deodorant]

Published 1960s mid

1) 00:02:85
A husband helps his wife remove from the car an "antique" chair that she just purchased. He jokes that it looks like a dentist chair, which leads her to comment that Johnny only had two cavities, which she thinks must be due to their use of CREST. The husband then notices that the chair was made in The U.S.A. in 1951.

2) 00:34:31
GLEEM -- "Preventive Medicine for fewer cavities. Stannous fluoride plus stannous pyrophosphate". Close-up of an exaggerated skeptical old lady. Close-up of an innocent girl. Close-up of an inquiring housewife.

3) 01:06:93
GLEEM -- A mother runs out of a house, interrupting two boys playing on their skateboards, to make her son go inside and brush his teeth. When the other boy comments that his mother makes him brush his teeth a lot, the boy replies that he probably gets less cavities.
Close-up of a boy's face zooming toward the camera on a skateboard. A young mother pushes open a screen door and runs (while scolding) down a front porch. Two boys standing in a driveway getting ready to ride their skateboards.

4) 01:40:20
CREST -- Two boys are at camp. One boy throws the other's tube of toothpaste in the lake so that they can switch to the new Crest brand toothpaste. As a joking response, the other boy throws away the other boy's toothbrush.
Close-up of a boy speaking energetically, makes a "slicing" hand gesture across his throat. One boy reaches in the other's duffel bag, pulls out a toothbrush, shakes it at him and tosses it over his shoulder.

5) 02:11:69
GLEEM -- A mother playfully encourages her son wearing an Indian headdress to brush his teeth "to win the war on cavities".
Close-up of a boy crawling around a sofa, wearing an Indian headdress. Close-up of the boy wearing the headdress, smiling to show his teeth, mother's hand under his chin. Mother puts on the headdress.

6) 02:42:53
GLEEM -- Close-up from the top of a banister of a boy sliding down and grabbing a lunch box as he slides past his mother standing on the staircase. Then a man wearing a suit standing in a laboratory explains why one should brush often with Gleem, "Even if you can't brush after every meal".

7) 03:15:31
CREST -- A wife throws away a tube of Crest toothpaste and pulls a new tube "with flouoristan" out of the medicine cabinet. An announcer explains that the new mint flavor Crest is now available too.
Close-up of a tube of Crest lying in the bottom of an empty garbage pail. Close-up of a bright-eyed boy against bathroom tiles. Close-up of a tube of Crest being pulled out of a medicine cabinet. A man with a towel around his neck looks at himself in a bathroom mirror, wife nearby. A woman playfully dries off the ear of a man with a towel around his neck

8) 03:46:27
GLEEM -- A mother makes her son Jimmy wash the old Gleem off of his toothbrush because now there is new Gleem.
Close-up of a woman with a sudden expression of surprise

9) 04:18:47
GLEEM -- A mother interrupts two boys wearing space man helmets after they finish eating and makes one brush his teeth.
Two boys wearing "space men" helmets eating at a dining room table suddenly put their visors down and leave the table. A woman points at and stops the space children as they walk through the kitchen. A boy brushes his teeth while another boy waits, leaning against the bathroom door wearing a space man helmet.

10) 04:51:22
CREST -- "It just could be the Crest". A man is pleasantly surprised at the low dentist bill for his son but a bit outraged at the hat that his wife bought for twenty dollars.
Close-up of a woman looking contemplative. A man sitting on a couch looks over his shoulder at a woman adjusting her hat in a wall mirror. Close-up of a woman's face in a mirror, she is adjusting a silly hat that she is wearing and she makes a goofy face.

11) 05:23:65
CREST -- A mother and son get back early from the dentist and catch the man of the house in the attic reminiscing about his military days.
A man in an attic wearing a military jacket salutes and then looks startled as a blond woman walks up some stairs into the room, followed by a boy. The man sucking in his stomach buttons the jacket and the back of it splits open (visible in a mirror behind him) and a woman and a boy laugh.

12) 05:56:51
A woman walks down a flight of stairs carrying a large box. A man is at the bottom adjusting a vacuum cleaner and he grabs a clothing item out of the box as she walks past.

13) 06:28:78
A man holding a baby smiles as she takes off his glasses. The man sitting on a stool holding the baby is suddenly surrounded by children swarming around chattering with each other. Many of them excitedly jump up and down.

14) 07:02:07
GLEEM -- A boy gets in a fight because another boy is making fun of his mother who always makes him brush his teeth.
Close-up of a boy scolding another boy and poking him in the chest. A boy falls on the lawn. The two boys wrestle on the lawn.

15) 07:37:20
Close-up of a pearl being held between two fingers. Close-up of a woman smiling as she moves her hair full of soap lather around her head. A woman with her head full of lather moves like "a Balinese dancer", makes stereotypical "Indian" gestures, and a stance like an "Egyptian queen." A woman with dark hair with a dark background behind her, profile shot displaying the shine of her hair -- puts her hand up, laughs and winks.

16) 08:10:44
PRELL -- A woman escapes the pressures of her family's demands on her by washing her hair.
A woman enters a bathroom and leans against the door, sighing from exhaustion. She takes a towel off of a towel rack.

17) 08:43:27
A little girl looks through an ornate moulding cut-out panel, close-up of a woman bending forward, lathering her hair. A girl with long dark hair stands up from ducking behind a couch and spins in circles, waving her hair through the air. A young man wearing a plaid overcoat, bow tie and dark-rimmed glasses, seated on the couch with a young woman seated on the floor near him looks over his shoulder at the girl spinning in circles and back at the young woman seated on the floor and casually shrugs his shoulder.

18) 09:15:04
Close-up of lather. A woman with a lathered head looks in a mirror and stretches her long hair up over her head and then lets it drop over her eye. She leans her head back with triangular points of lather. Close-up of her stretching her hair under her nose like a mustache. Close-up of her hand sliding along silky hair.

19) 09:46:30
A new receptionist almost doesn't get the job because of her dandruff, but another woman in the office assures the boss she'll tell her about Head And Shoulders shampoo. After six weeks, everything is still wonderful in the office, and the receptionist even has a romantic interest with a man who works in the sales department.

20) 10:19:05
PRELL -- A little girl rushes panicked into the bathroom while her mother is in the shower because she has left her turtles in the tub.
A mirror shot of a little girl (saying Wow) and a woman poking her lathered head out of a shower curtain. Close-up of a the girl's long blond hair being brushed. Close-up of girl putting something into a small aquarium.

21) 10:51:09
PRELL -- The viewer and the man in this scenario see a pair of hands in addition to the woman's who is lathering her hair. The woman insists she will help the man to find his glasses.
Close-up of a woman lathering her hair and an extra pair of hands lathering her hair also as a man walks through a doorway in the background.

22) 11:23:85
Close-up shots of a woman making faces with her head lathered. Close-up shots of a woman, walking and smiling seductively.

23) 12:02:31
A man in the shower with lots of suds on his head catches water in his mouth and spits it out. A man looks out of the shower with suds on his head to see a woman opening the bathroom door carrying a tall pile of hat boxes. Close-up of a woman's smiling face in a mirror and a man saying something in her ear. Close-up of a woman making a snear over her shoulder and then smiling and looking very pleased with herself as she places a hat on her head.

24) 12:34:71
Single frame fast motion of a woman standing on a porch with many children running around her. Close-up of a woman sighing leaning in the door frame on the porch. A woman raises her eyebrows and moves her head from side to side, examining her hair.

25) 13:08:20
HEAD AND SHOULDERS -- Two woman at a card table discuss another woman's dandruff problem when she gets up from playing cards.
One woman stands up and walks away from a table where four women are playing cards. A woman dealing cards talks with another woman seated at a table. Close-up of a woman saying "a mess" and making a finger gesture like she is hairspraying her hair.

26) 13:40:78
HEAD AND SHOULDERS -- At a ski resort a young woman is self-conscious because of her dandruff problem. The next ski trip, there is no more "snow" on her clothing because her dandruff is gone and now she is sure to meet her ideal skiing man.

27) 14:12:04
PRELL -- Liquid Prell "lets you become anything you want". A woman makes faces and her sudsy hair into different shapes and then becomes "a glamour spy", her blond hair full against a dark background and a gun pointing out. A young man, seemingly her date at a fair, hands her a stuffed animal in front of a shooting game.

28) 14:44:98
PRELL -- Sue Ellen loves living in "the big city" but hates the dirt. She worried about getting her hair clean until she started using Prell.
A woman prances out a subway car. Out on the city sidewalk a gust of wind blows her hair across her face.

29) 15:17:22
PRELL -- "Like having an extra pair of hands." A boy teases his mother with a toy gun to "hand over the extra pair of hands". She rolls her eyes, saying, "what an imagination" even though the viewer also has previously seen an extra pair of hands sudzing her hair along with her own.

30) 15:52:40
HIDDEN MAGIC "The Problem Solving Hairspray"
A teenage girl sprays hairspray on herself, standing in front of an open school locker and a teenage boy says that her hair feels like chewing gum. A witch suddenly materializes in the school hallway, empty except for the teenage girl. The witch waves her wand around the girl's head and fixes her sticky hair problem.
Close-up of a wad of cotton being stuck to the side of a teenage girl's hair. A teen-age girl smiles widely and sprays hairspray on her hair. Shot from above of the teenage boy and girl sitting on a crowded bleachers, the boy pulls on some of her hair.

31) 16:29:76
Nobody can help Marge do her home permanent and she needs it done immediately. Luckily she learns that she can do it by herself using Lilt.
A woman speaks to another woman through a half kitchen door, while one woman stirs something in a mixing bowl. Close-up of the side of a woman's face, a telephone receiver pressed to her ear.

32) 17:02:95
"Betty is bringing her beauty shop home"

33) 17:36:38
"Cynthia is bringing her beauty shop home"
Aerial shot of people walking down a sidewalk in a line -- pushing a hair dryer, a woman in a beauty chair, and other beauty shop items.

34) 18:13:29
SECRET -- with Katy Winters
One woman is dressed up as a pirate, getting ready to go to a masquerade ball, but another woman feels that she would "die of embarrassment" if she went because of her perspiration odor. The woman tells her about Secret and runs into her at the ball.
People dancing in costumes.

35) 18:45:50
SECRET -- with Katy Winters
Nora, a public transit bus driver, is interested in a police officer who rides her bus but believes that she has no chance for success because of her body odor that develops while she drives the hot bus. Katy recommends Secret. On a future bus trip, Katy witnesses the police officer giving Nora a bouquet of flowers.

36) 19:17:98
SECRET -- with Katy Winters -- "new ice blue secret with icinol"
A young woman is worried that she will not pass her driving examination and that she will offend the driving officer with her perspiration odor. Katy recommends new Secret with Icinol to help her stay cool and indeed she passes her driving test.

37) 19:51:20
This is another version of the last commercial advertisement. (See #36)

38) 20:23:51
SECRET -- with Katy Winters
A woman working in a retail store is tense and fumbles with a package right as the manager is walking past. Katy recommends Secret and in the next scene she is going to be going out to lunch with the manager, Ken who no longer thinks of her as "butterfingers" but now thinks that she is "cool".

Series of Crest and Gleem toothpaste commercials from the 1960s; series of 1960s shampoo commercials for Prell and Prell Concentrate shampoos, and Head and Shoulders shampoo. Lilt home permanent commercials.

05:14:30:13 Married couple looks at old chair in front yard of house, man remarks it looks like a dentist chair, woman responds:
“By the way we saw the dentist yesterday and Johnny only had two little cavities”
“Only two? What happened?”
CU blonde woman “You know honey, it could be the Crest.”

05:14:45:19 CU disembodied hand grabs one of five unmarked toothpaste tubes then places Crest toothpaste label on tube beside sticker “with fluoristan”; text superimposed in shot “Have checkups Watch treats Brush after eating with Crest.”

05:14:53:16 CU man and woman looking at back of wood chair, man looks up to woman:
“Antique huh, made in USA 1951.”

05:15:02:04 MS grumpy old woman wearing glasses, knit hat and pearl necklace, yells “There is no such thing!”; CU woman turns to camera with astonished look “Preventive medicine for teeth?”; CU girl in early teens with surprised expression “for fewer cavities”; shot of box of Gleem toothpaste; CU cranky old woman yells “What preventive medicine!”; MS brunette girl with bangs about 12 years old holding up tube of Gleem toothpaste enthusiastically says “Gleem tastes great.”

05:15:33:24 Two boys playing in front yard of house, Mother runs out of house after boys “Barney, come back and brush your teeth!”
“Ahh Ma.”
CU disembodied hand pulls box of Gleem toothpaste out of apron pocket; MS concerned mother:
“You know I’m on a campaign against cavities…”

05:15:50:20 Two boys standing in front of garage, about 12 years old:
“Your mom’s always making you brush”
CU boy responds “Yeah, but I bet I get less cavities than you.”

05:16:07:11 VS Preteen boys at summer camp, boy kneels down and picks up bottle of toothpaste from his friends bag and throws it in the lake:
“Fredo, get rid of this Crest”
Upset boy yells at his friend “That’s my toothpaste, mom will [simulates cutting throat with finger], if I come home with a lot of cavities.”
“Moms not here, and we’re switching…to this”
CU box of Crest toothpaste held in disembodied boy’s hand marked “improved!” on label.

05:16:28:27 Two boys at summer cap with Indian chief logos on their t-shirts; boy takes a tooth brush from his friends bag and throws it in the lake.

05:16:38:19 Boy wearing Native-American headdress crawls around the back of the couch; mom hiding on other side catches boy:
“Where are you going?”
Boy crosses arms “Me go to pow wow”
“Take this Gleem and brush your teeth first” woman hand boy box of Gleem toothpaste; mother and son pretend to be Native Americans; mother takes son to the bathroom, mother takes boy’s Indian headdress and puts it on herself.

05:17:09:27 Mother at bottom of staircase yells to son “Jimmy the school bus!”
Boy slides on his stomach down hand rail, taking his lunch box from his mother along the way.

05:18:13:19 CU mother looks up and in panic yells “Jimmy stop, wash that toothpaste off your brush”; boy looks confused; CU disembodied hand rinses toothbrush in sink; Mother gives boy bottle of “new Gleem.”

05:18:45:27 Great shot two boys at dinner table wearing space helmets labeled “Astronaut;” boy put down the masks of their helmets and run out of dining room; mother stops boys in kitchen and hands her son Gleem toothpaste, one boy complains to his friend “Your mother’s always making you do that”
“Yeah, but I bet I get less cavities than you.”

05:19:05:15 MS boy squeezes Gleem toothpaste on toothbrush and brushes teeth; boy in background waits with arms crossed wearing an astronaut helmet.

05:19:18:24 Man doing bills at desk while wife knits on catch in background; man remarks to wife
“Milly’s hat shop, 20 bucks” turning to wife
“They had a sale”
“20 bucks for a hat, some sale”
“Did you get to the dentist bill yet?”
“Yeah, how come so little?”
“Bobby only had one cavity” CU woman with bouffant hairstyle looks as though she has had an epiphany, “You know, it could be the Crest.”

05:19:50:24 Great shot of man in attic trying on his old army uniform giving a salute into the mirror, wife and son enter attic, wife remarks
“Hanging out in the attic huh?
Boy says he only had one cavity at the dentist
Woman says to husband as though having an epiphany “You know Jim, I think it’s the Crest.”

05:20:12:10 Bottle of toothpaste superimposed on shot of man in attic trying on his old army uniform; boy is wearing fathers army hat, father stretchers arms and tears back of jacket, wife covers mouth laughing.

05:20:23:19 Woman walks down stairs carrying box; husband stops his wife upset that she would throw away his “old gray flannel;” MS man looks into box woman is carrying, picks out bottle of crest “No you don’t, that’s our Crest!”; couple walks into kitchen and shows husband new bottle of mint flavored Crest toothpaste; man protests he will keep the old Crest “there is comfort in these old and familiar”, to which the wife wittily replies
“like you dear.”

05:21:29:11 Great shot of cute little brunette kid about 7 years old angrily pokes finger at much taller blonde boy; smaller boy yell “Don’t you make fun of my mom!” then pushes over the blonde boy who says while on ground “She’s always making you brush your teeth”; brunette boy jumps on top of the blonde boy “Oh yeah, but I bet I get less cavities than you”; boys wrestling roll in the grass.
05:21:39:18 CU mother with 1960s bouffant hairstyle says she gets her son to brush his teeth using Gleem toothpaste; camera zooms out, mother hands cute brunette boy bottle of toothpaste; CU cute boy with dirty face smiles “you and me mom”; mother kneels down to boy “you and me and Gleem”, then kisses boy on forehead.

05:22:05:00 CU disembodied woman’s hand holding metallic marble; hand drops round bead or marble into bottle labeled “Shampoo,” marble quickly falls to bottom of bottle; another marble is dropped into a bottle of Prell shampoo, the marble slowly descends to bottom of bottle; CU woman washing hair with Prell shampoo, CU VS woman using thick lather of shampoo pretends to be a “Balinese dancer, Pocahontas” an Eqyptian queen.

05:22:37:20 mother escapes to the bathroom, and leans against shut door, audio track of children in other room “Mommy, the babies hitting the cat!”; CU disembodied hand squeezes Prell concentrate shampoo into hand; CU woman with blissful expression on face washing her hair, CU woman rinsing then drying her hair; woman opens bathroom door, audio track “Honey where are my clean shirts!” woman turns to camera, sighs then exits bathroom.

05:23:11:01 Girl, about 12 years old, walks in on older teenage sister washing her hair in the sink; little sister comments on how much lather there is, CU disembodied hand points to word “Concentrate” on Prell Shampoo bottle, then throws bottle at her sister; little sister spies on teenage girl’s date with boy watching TV in living room, younger sisters says she wants the boy to see her beautiful hair, the spins in circles, boy in plaid jacket, bow tie and large black frame glasses turns around to look at the little sister.

05:23:42:11 CU woman washing hair; woman with lathered hair looks at herself in the mirror, bottle of Prell shampoo beside mirror; VS attractive young woman playing with her shampoo lathered hair; woman puts hair over her top lip like a moustache.

05:24:14 :05 Man wearing 1960s black frame glasses pointing pen at woman says “She’d make a great receptionist, but that dandruff”, young woman in background sitting on couch.
CU woman reacts to man’s comment “Oh, well hire her anyway, I’ll tip her off to Head and Shoulders shampoo”

05:24:46:20 Cute little girl runs into bathroom while mother is showering and yells “You’re drowning my turtles!”, mother’s arm sticks out from behind curtain pointing to turtles in the sink; girl looks back at mother with shampoo lather in hair “Wow, that’s a lot of lather”; CU mother shows daughter her bottle of Prell Concentrate Shampoo.

05:25:18:27 CU woman washing hair plus and extra pair of hands, husband walks into bathroom “Doris did you see my glasses?”
“Have you looked on your head?”
“Have you looked on yours there’s an extra pair of hands”
“Oh Harry, it only seems that way, it’s Prell Concentrate”
CU disembodied soapy hand picks up bottle of Prell shampoo and shows with other hand on the bottle how little shampoo is need to work up a full lather.
Man kneeling down on ground looking under seat cushion looks up at wife “Hey, your hair looks great”
CU woman laughs at man “Oh Harry, let me help you look for your glasses”

05:25:51:08 Disembodied hand holding a pearl, hand drops pearl in bottle marked “shampoo”, pearl falls straight to bottom of bottle; disembodied hand drops pearl in Prell Shampoo bottle beside the regular shampoo, the pearl slowly falls to the bottom of the bottle. CU VS woman lathering hair, playfully uses lather to shape her hair in various shapes and styles; CU woman with short blonde 1960s bouffant hairdo walks throw room, audio track man’s voice “your hair glows with fire, ok enchantress, turn someone into uh…pussycat,” woman meows then sits down and pets a cat.

05:26:30:19 Man in shower with shampoo lather in hair; man hears wife come home, peaks out from behind sliding shower door, woman enters house with huge sticks of gift wrapped presents; woman sees man’s hair and says there won’t be enough shampoo left for her; CU tube of Prell Shampoo in man’s hand measuring how little he used; man tosses shampoo bottle at woman. CU reflection in mirror of husband flirtatiously kissing wife’s neck then tells her not to put on her new hat because it will spoil her pretty hair, husband walks away and woman makes face at husband then puts on her hat.

05:27:02:11 Sped up shot of woman outside front door of house, children dressed in American-Indian headdresses run around woman; CU disembodied hand unscrews cap to tube of Prell shampoo, and squeezes shampoo into hand; CU woman in bathroom lathering hair; CU woman with clean voluminous hair looking relaxed.

05:27:36:14 VS 4 women gathered around table playing bridge, one woman talks about her dandruff problem before she switched to Head & Shoulders; CU woman whispers to her woman beside her that someone should tell her, the woman off in the other room, to switch to Head & Shoulders to fix her dandruff problem.

05:28:17:21 CU woman in shower washing hair while saying “work, work, work darnit”; bottle of Head & Shoulders in foreground of shot.

05:28:47:10 CU woman lathering her hair with Prell shampoo; woman acts out different rolls using the shampoo lather as a costume, audio track: “A swinging flapper, an Oriental beauty, a glamorous spy.”

05:28:58:00 Great shot CU woman tosses her blond hair then turns and fires a hand gun, then turns back to camera and blows smoke off tip of gun and smiles.

05:29:16:06 Attractive woman in white suit gets out of 1960s subway car in New York City; woman walks up sidewalk toward camera with Grand Central Station in background; CU woman rinsing hair in shower with eyes closed in state of bliss; CU disembodied hand in shower unscrews cap of Prell shampoo tube, squeezes shampoo into palm of hand; CU woman lathering her hair in shower.

05:29:44:27 Woman lathering her hair with Prell shampoo in bathroom; boy runs into the bathroom saying “It’s a bird, it’s a plane”
Mother answers while lather hair “It’s your mother”
CU boy “but ma, you’ve got an extra pair of hands”
Woman lathering hair with extra pair of hands helping her coming down from ceiling, mother says “Leroy it only seems that way, it’s Prell concentrate” soapy Prell concentrate shampoo tube held in soapy disembodied hands; woman tosses shampoo tube at son, tube bounces off the wall.

05:30:20:05 Teenage girl replaces canister of hairspray in her locker; teenage boy wearing a cardigan runs up to the girl, feels her hair and is disgusted “Ah, your hair, like chewing gum;” CU girls angry face slams locker.

05:30:25:09 High school locker hall; a witch appears in the hall stopping the girl; CU girls dark hair, witch’s black gloved hand rubs cotton against girls hair, cotton sticks to her hair; witch waves wand at girl and says “away with that problem”, the cotton disappears; CU bottle of Hidden Magic hairspray appears in disembodied girl’s hand with wave of the witches wand.

05:30:38:10 Great MS teenage girl sprays Hidden Magic hairspray on her dark hair.
05:30:57:17 Woman wearing an apron around her waist holding a mixing bowl answer the top half of a partitioned door; woman in house tells woman at the door “Sorry Marge can’t help today” then closes the door.

05:31:01:05 CU woman holding phone receiver to her ear, audio track of voice on other end of line “Sorry Marge, uh, got an appointment” line is cut. Woman hangs up phone and says “I need a home permanent, but nobody will help me” woman rests head in hand, distraught, disembodied man’s voice startles woman “Nobody needs to Marge, now lilt gives you all the help you need”; CU box of Lilt, camera pans out to woman reading directions, CU woman winding up hair in sponge end papers, woman squeezes lotion and neutralizer on her perm; CU woman talking into phone “Yes Gloria, alone!”

05:31:32:13 Police officer directing traffic in street, woman driving convertible car pulls up next to police officer; CU woman says to cop excitedly “Betty’s bringing her beauty shop home!”; CU police officer with surprised expression answers “Beauty shop home!?”

05:31:38:20 CU blonde woman with angry expression on face says “finally I’ll get a professional looking permanent at home!”

05:31:43:22 CU disembodied hand picks up box of Lilt home permanent. VS CU woman giving herself a perm. CU woman with perm says with look of surprise “Say, looks professional!”

05:32:04:17 Woman in beauty parlor chair pushed along sidewalk in suburban neighborhood, others in front and behind her wheel other beauty parlor equipment down sidewalk. Woman in bathroom picks up box of Lilt home permanent, CU VS woman giving herself a home perm; CU disembodied hands flip through booklet with photographs of women with various perm styles; CU woman with bouffant “golly, it looks professional!”

05:32:41:05 Name “Katy Winters” briefly superimposed on shot, woman dressed in pirate costume tells another woman she is set for the masquerade; other woman says she won’t go, and whispers “perspiration odor” to the woman in pirate costume; CU disembodied hand passes canister of New Secret Super Spray deodorant to another disembodied hand.

05:33:19:03 Name “Katy Winters” superimposed on shot of female bus drivers says goodbye to police officer leaving her bus, bus driver speaks with an Irish accent; woman in bus recommends Secret deodorant spray when bus driver complains about her perspiration odor; CU disembodied hand holds out bottle of Secret spray deodorant of steering wheel of bus; police officers with Irish accent hands bus driver a bouquet of flowers and says “See you tonight.”

05:33:45:21 Name “Katy Winters” superimposed on shot of two girls in a 1960s car; girl behind driver complains in frustration “Kate I’ll never pass my driver’s test;” CU blonde girl behind wheel “I get so perspirey, I’ll offend the policeman”; CU disembodied hand of woman in passenger seat hands girl “New Super Spray Secret” deodorant; woman walks toward woman waving paper in hand, car parked beside driver’s test sign, woman declares she got her license.

05:34:19:13 Katy Winters in passenger seat of car, woman driving hits parked car behind her trying to back up; frustrated driver tells woman she will never pass her driver’s test because she is too tense, and that she is afraid she will offend the policeman with her tension odor; CU disembodied woman take Secret deodorant spray out of brown paper bag and hand it to the driver; officer tips hat to woman, her friend declares “you got your license!”

05:34:51:08 Woman working in department store fumbles gift wrapped box, manager catches the box and calls sales clerk butterfingers; embarrassed woman tells Katy Winters, the customer, that the manager must have smelled her tension odor; CU disembodied holds canister of Secret spray deodorant, disembodied finger points out ingredient “Icinol.” Blonde woman at work tells Katy Winters she can’t go out to lunch because she is having lunch with the manager.

Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 27, 2016
Subject: Versis Versus
Good set of commercials here, all with female appeal. The first set are crest and gleem toothpaste commercials, one after the other, like they're trying to one up each other. Crest definitely wins that battle. Then it's Prell concentrate AND shampoo vs head and shoulders and some other hair products. Prell wins! Great 60's era feel to these.
Reviewer: guyburns - favorite - October 3, 2013
Subject: Woeful to the point of embarrassing
Well, I've downloaded, viewed and reviewed hundreds of cigarette commercials, and a few dozen other commercials, but this lot is the most mundane, boring and uninteresting collection of ads I've come across.

Of historical value only. Maybe not even that. If this collection of commercials disappeared I doubt the world would be a poorer place
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